V for Vendetta ★★★★

With a terrible fake British accent, and the fact that one of her best performances was in a DC graphic novel adaptation— this is still a truly effect comic book film primarily due to Portman’s character and Hugo Weaving’s fantastic voice work, not to mention completely badass visual effects and combat choreography, and the film’s expert camera work when necessary that makes it a thrill to watch, and more than once. This is the first time I’ve watched it in a good minute, and I was expecting it to be something I loved when I was 16 and would be shit now, but I still found it technically effective and just plain cool. I’ve read the graphic novel itself and to this day I still think they did a damn solid job. 

The 4 stars are given as a comparison to the many other graphic novel adaptations, but it’s still something worthy as an original film itself. Stylized, intelligent, and thrilling.