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  • Winter's Blood

    Winter's Blood

    My latest horror short has hit YouTube! It's a four-minute nightmare, filled with snow and saturated colors. Jonathan Snipes (composer of Starry Eyes, Room 237, and Below the Trees) created the music. Drop us a rating here on Letterboxd, after you watch πŸ–€

  • Below the Trees

    Below the Trees

    Below the TreesΒ is now on YouTube, where you can watch it for free. It’s a prelude to a feature-length film, so it has a cliffhanger ending. I hope you enjoy it β€” my crew and I worked hard on this one:Β

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  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


    Hadn’t seen this in years and nearly forgot how much I love this film. Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi are a magical combo. If you agree, I recommend this as a double feature with another one of my favorite films,Β Memoirs of a Geisha.

  • Holidays



    This anthology doesn't feature a wrap-around story, so I'm going through each short one by one.

    Valentine's Day
    AΒ Carrie-esque short, where a bunch of bullies gang up on the "weird" girl. They call her "maxipad" πŸ™„ The protagonist has a crush on her swim coach, and she brings him a special Valentine's Day gift at the end of the story. I didn't love the screenplay, but this short's well directed and features music by Jonathan Snipes πŸ–€

    St. Patrick's Day…

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  • Sole Survivor

    Sole Survivor


    I've walked this earth for 27 years and only today, thanks to friend Tony the Terror, did I discover that the director of Night of the Comet's feature-film debut was a reimagining of Carnival of Souls!! For anybody who's ever visited my Letterboxd profile, you know Carnival of Souls is my favorite film of all time. Sole Survivor even contains echoes of other films I adore, such as It Follows, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, and Messiah of Evil. Many…

  • Sweetheart



    Cast Away meets Creature from the Black Lagoon? Tonight, I watched yet another Blumhouse movie set on an island. Kiersey Clemons gives a great performance in the lead role and is easy to root for. A bunch of white people keep washing ashore and making her life more difficult, so it’s possible to uncover an interesting racial allegory. The relationships between our hero and the characters who arrive in the raft are especially ripe for analysis. On the other hand, you could simply enjoy this story as an exciting creature feature and tale of survival! It’s on Netflix.