The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin ★★★½

"StRaNgE things ... you never know when they might happen." - Lootie

Today, I revisited this obscure animated film from Wales which I saw when I was a child. It's clear that this story has had a huge influence on me as a writer. Some of the ideas present in this film that recurringly show up in my own work include ...

1) Medieval setting
2) Witchy grandmother
3) Large / scary cave
4) Secret door, sealed with magic
5) Woman (or in this case, girl) on a journey
6) Absent parent(s)
7) Walking in a dark forest with a lantern
7) Dangerous mines
8) Characters I consider queer

Of course, the queer coding in this film isn't anything special. Because I'm so gay and can't help it, I even applied a queer reading to Princess Irene's cat, Turnip.

Irene: "Look, Turnip! It's a boy."
Turnip: *swivels head with gay energy*

But surprise, surprise ... The most queer-coded character of all is the film's villain. Brace yourself for the second list in my review, as I compile the evidence of Prince Froglip's queerness. He ...

1) Has a heavy, spit-spraying lisp
2) Speaks in a more posh accent than other goblins
3) Has pink hair (and a cape with pink lining)
4) Plans to marry the princess for political reasons, but he's not excited about it: "I may have to suffer, but it will be for the good of all goblins!"
5) Has a creepy reaction to seeing a boy: "Let me have him! Oh, please, let me have him! I could do such nasty things to him!"
6) Repeatedly shouts the word "oUtRaGeOuS!"
7) Has a dominant mother who makes cruel quips and wears custom stone shoes: “What’s the matter!? Are you scared I might crush your soft flesh with my stone shoe??"
8) Wears a weird loincloth, with a focal-point over the crotch

By now, you may think I'm trying hard to sell you on this film. Truthfully, I doubt you'd like it as much as me. The animation style has plenty of flaws. Some of the background textures are great, especially the stone textures, but the characters' movements are often bizarre. There are also a few painful musical sequences, all because the goblins hate the sound of singing. I related most to the goblins in these moments, because I wanted to cover my ears as well. Overall, I think there's a lovable story here that suffers from some weak execution. Nevertheless, this film will always have a special place in my heart 🖤

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