A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

A Quiet Place is about a family that lives in a world of monsters that attack on sound. In other words, if you make a noise, you die.

It's a simple and ingenious premise that, thankfully, is executed wonderfully.

Over the course of the 95 minute runtime, we watch the antics of a family trying to survive a very difficult situation on a very bad night. Though the first 20 minutes of the film or so are a bit slow, it wisely spends this time establishing the rules for its premise and setting up the emotional stakes of the family. When the film kicks into high gear, this slow start absolutely pays off.

The gut-wrenching suspense of A Quiet Place is indescribable. The characters are put through impossibly terrifying scenario after scenario and the film never lets up until the credits have rolled. You will want to pace, tear your hair out, and scream. But you won't, for fear that the monsters behind the screen may just jump out and attack you. It does brush close to a few horror tropes from time to time, but for the most part, it avoids these problems. There are some really clever scenarios in the script that unfold wonderfully, and I really have to applaud the writing and John Krasinski's direction for that.

The cast is considerably small, but everyone does a really great job. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are both excellent, and the kids are surprisingly good too, considering how much of the film focuses on them.

On a technical level, the film will also wow you. The use of sound and music throughout the film is pitch perfect (aside from a few annoying jump scare moments). The design for the monsters is unique and delightfully terrible. There's also some really gorgeous cinematography here and there, which is always a plus.

While many of the best horror films in recent memory have used their premise or theme to convey a message or tackle a difficult subject, A Quiet Place isn't very concerned with these things. At its heart, this is a film about the sacrifices a family makes to protect each other. It's the thin, but prevalent emotional backbone in the backdrop of a completely captivating horror experience. For that reason alone, A Quiet Place guarantees a thrilling theater-going experience. Assuming no one in your theater is munching their popcorn too loudly.