Tenet ★★★★½

Tenet never stops. It is jam packed with endless action and tension that almost never goes away. While the main advice seems to be “Don’t get caught up in trying to understand it, enjoy it,” it never doubts the intelligence of the viewer. There is some dense science talk happening, as with most Nolan, but this is executed in such a crisp manner that the jargon doesn’t get in the way. The choreography in fight scenes and the set pieces are so crisp that this deserves endless rewatches. The performances are top notch with a cast of actors that can stand just as strong alone. However, when we are granted the right to see such a beautiful and perfect ensemble, the worry of understanding it goes away. There’s no way not to enjoy this. Especially in Dolby. Good fucking lord. This is how you see this movie. In a booming theatre. But that doesn’t detract that I need to buy this so I can watch with subtitles. The breathtaking score sometimes overpowers dialogue but that’s how most sound mixing for blockbusters feel like now. It’s grand, and layered, and full of a lot of heart and love. Strong commitment from one of the strongest films of the year. Well worth the wait.

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