Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★★★

This film should not work as well as it does. Easily one of DreamWorks better films probably only beat by how to train your dragon for me.

The animation is gorgeous with the use of dark and light vibrant colours and amazing cinematography to go with it. Hans zimmer provides a incredible score once again which isnt a suprise at this point.

The fights are outstanding with the incredible prison escape fight which sets up the villains terrifying and brutal nature and fighting style. To even po and shifu fighting over a dumpling and the camera zooming in on their fingers fighting to get hold of it with chopsticks it's just amazing.

The 5 are a bit one dimensional but thanks to the brilliant voice casts, unique fighting styles and the film not focusing on them to much anyway its not too much if an issue. However the others are incredible po is so determined and relatable to have a better life and to do more in life. Jack black is the perfect pick for him to where I dont even think oh that's black jack I just think oh that's po. His voice with his comedic timing works for po and the overall goofy concept of this story. Shifu is great with his back story with tai lung and his relationship with master oagua is nice. However my favourite would easily be tai lung who is one of my favourite villains ever with his sheer determination to become the best, it makes him an intimidating foe but it also works perfectly for how po defeats him as he uses his brute strength against him. His backstory with shifu makes you feel bad for him but in more of a way were he comes of pathetic and it's great.

Just everything about this film somehow works incredibly well and DreamWorks clearly put care into this film with finding great voice actors and looking up different fighting styles to give to the characters that fit their personalities and appearances.

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