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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 5 Spoiler Review:

OH MY GOD. So fair warning, I got Pietro’s return spoiled on Instagram, however I had no clue Evan Peters was playing him so the ending very much so still surprised me! I’m so happy Quicksilver is back in the MCU, although we still don’t know if this is a different version of him from the Multiverse or if he’s been recast (that joke from Darcy was hilarious). We also got introduced to Sparky (who is in the comics) and I loved seeing him added, the way he got his name was funny too. That scene where Wanda left Westview to confront SWORD was chilling, and her telling Tommy and Billy to accept death while potentially hypocritical, was really touching. Wanda and Vision’s argument was even more insane, I feel for both Wanda and Vision in these scenes, both of their struggles are really believable. Wanda breaking into SWORD to steal Vision’s body was so insanely cool, and I feel like that was the scrapped post credit scene Paul Bettany was talking about for Endgame. Vision bringing back Norm’s memories was sad and creepy, when he started borderline screaming trying to find his phone to call his sister and father that was so creepy and sad.

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