Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

I love me some Brie

This was the first time I saw Brie Larson smile like that and it was fucking cute. Other than that, I love monster films to death and this was probably not the best one ever, but it was highly entertaining. The visual effects are incredible. Kong is the best CGI monster I`ve ever seen and there are some pictures in this, that would make a great wallpaper on your desktop.

The charm of a trashy B-Movie mixed with a budget for an A-Listed visual experience caught me from the first minute. Of course it`s totally over the top, but it knows that and it plays with it in a nice way (compared to other franchises...like...Transformers). The idea to play music while entering an unknown island is stupid as fuck, but also a little badass.

Of course this doesn`t invent anything remarkably new to cinema, but it does some things right. Enough things to keep you entertained.

PS: Toby Kebbell is a very talented actor. I don`t understand how they always waste this raw talent. It makes me sad. But if this brings us well performed monsters like Kong, I guess I`m OK with it.

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