Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★★½

The directors of 'End of Evangalion' not only invents a unique and rare conclusion to the evangalian series, but subtly depicts existentialism and the misunderstood juxtaposition of dream and reality, what is real and fake. It also deals with the perks and folly's of humanity whilst handling the extreme dramatization of romance, and tackles the strange entities and characters that dwindle through the imagination of the show. The director of the series has focused more on his interpretation of life and his experiences, rather than ending the series on a satisfactory note for viewers. In my opinion this film is more riveting than what fans of the show would have preferred. However, there is indubitable confusion through this film, you as the viewer watch in pure awe and absorb the unmistakably inspiring and slightly deranged messages contained within the story. The film cleverly sidetracks to tell the story of evangalians and approaches and accesses the issues of the human being. Endless imagination and extraordinary artistic ability join to produce a introspective thriller.