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  • Shrooms


    Second Shocktober :#5 Shrooms
    This was definitely the worst movie in shocktober so far.

    The characters were simply 100% steretype.
    Those jumpscares weren awful.
    And the story was so worse I shouldn't talk about

  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil


    Second Shocktober: #4 The House of the devil

    Overall a nice 80s themed horror movie with great score and intensive slow sliding shots. Sometimes in the style of Suspiria and those horror movies of the Stonewashed-Jeans- era.

    Nevertheless is the story above average because there is no real story, only senseless disconnected fragments.
    Additionally the movie needs to long to create real suspense before the ending disappointed me and I felt like "the ending was not worth it"

    Honorable mention:
    The dancing scene whith One Thing Leads To Another from the Fixx on the walkman.

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  • The Boy Next Door

    The Boy Next Door

    Prefer a "dude fucks friends mom" porn. It's shorter, more nude scenes, faster climax and no ridiculous feelings no one need.

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    Better than episode 7 cause of the courage to risk more. Rogue one is a enrichment for the whole Star Wars saga. 

    A really great cinema evening this was. <3