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  • The Arrangement

    The Arrangement


    The Swimmer for the ad man at The Studio but like, not as promising as that premise.

    The ad man as the stand-in of the creative. Any misgivings you have about Mad Men are fat more applicable here.

    Adaptation., Sullivan’s Travels, and Barton Fink are basically the holy texts for movies about screenwriters and The Arrangement connects most with is, shockingly, Adaptation.. For a classicist and a man whose work is tied to capturing and leaning on performers than experimenting…

  • Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fahrenheit 11/9

    This is worse than a Henry Rollins spoken word

    Wtf is this?

    Should’ve just made a movie on Flint.

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  • Roma



    There’s a motif in this about the deterioration of a large, big, masculine, AMERICAN car (a Ford Galaxy to be exact) that underscores the fracture and dissolution of the nuclear family and I kept thinking Mike Mills cut through all the pretenses by just starting 20th Century Women with a car on fire, saying all the things Cuaron is saying here from the jump.

    First hour is slow. Some of the period details are so good but I felt the…

  • Girl


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Aw yes, the only trans girl in Belgium (seriously there's no other trans people who exist in this movie) who wants to achieve being a ballerina, the model of ultimate femininity. Our ballerina Lara- who's played by a dude- has a lot of wear and tear on her, starting with her feet that she labors on. Don't forget that. You cannot possibly forget that. You get closeups of those feet so many times. Almost the amount of times you see…