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  • Angel's Egg

    Angel's Egg



    This is the most visually stunning movie I've ever seen and will ever see. Every frame is a gift, literally.

    It's so magnificent that the world seems ugly after watching it..

    !!! Animation at its best !!!

  • The Phantom Carriage

    The Phantom Carriage


    Film School Drop Outs 2018
    Week 3: Movement - Scandinavian Silent Cinema in the 1920s

    I was expecting a spooky ghost story, but the scary part of this movie is actually the human nature, and it came out as a good surprise.

    The use of blue for outdoor takes and sepia for indoors is very clever and beautiful.

    And that scene with the ax, it's weird, it kind of remind me of another movie.. hmm.. forgot the name.. hmmm.. you know, the one about a man who goes crazy because of isolation.. what's the name again?