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  • Will-o’-the-Wisp
  • One Fine Morning
  • Crimes of the Future
  • R.M.N.

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    Hello. This is my first true short film. I made it with a few friends this summer and it's premiering at the Scrawls on Cinema summer showcase this Friday, August 6th, at 7:00 PM over Zoom. It's a talkie comedy that lampoons men's fraught relationship to gender, sex, and their bodies. I hoped to combine my love for the summery location shooting and ironic male protagonists of Éric Rohmer's films, light comedy films like Metropolitan or The Last Days of…

  • Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

    Monsieur Hulot's Holiday


    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    A light comedy on its face, with farcical episodic bits and a lot of physical comedy and sight gags, covering up a suspicious lack of narrative arc and suggestions of a lost romance. I think I kind of see that, but to me the film feels much more broadly about a sense of loneliness in general.

    The extremely textured soundtrack, a noted inspiration for David Lynch, constantly has something going on, be it the goofy sound effect…

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  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Certainly a period piece directed by the guy who did A Ghost Story after watching Polanski’s Macbeth, similar in their beheadings and murky open landscapes and careening paths. Classical in its goal-oriented protagonist, varying only for the director’s somewhat trademark expansion and contraction of story time. Despite great costume design and performances, its direction is all over the place, occasionally sharp in its closer framing, yet falling into these weird moments in its longer staging. This is the problem with A24’s…

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    What can I do
    It's gotten me beaten black and blue
    Why don't you know
    You got me moving much too slow
    Why can't you see
    You got me chasing honey bees
    You made me fall
    Broke me up and took it all
    Call me your messed up boy

    Just what I've found
    You knock my body to the ground
    Just what I've said
    You're tearing up my weary head
    Do I still shine
    After such a lonely time
    You cut me dead
    You nail me down and kick my head
    Cut dead your messed up boy

    Hey hey hey
    Hey hey hey
    Hey hey hey