Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★

I can see my rating go up upon a rewatch, but while I wasn’t keen on the interior lighting’s spotlight effect outside of its really purposeful stylization, and while I did find the beginning a little slow and some of the passages a little long (the dinner scene, the photo booth), I can see myself really enjoying those after another watch.

That being said, it’s good! The redemptive power of love! Toxicity as the natural state of those treated without kindness! Ending with kindness and love as sincere virtues that even the most shitty people long for behind a veneer of isolation that’s only intended to protect them, but in actuality prevents them from finding connections! Gallo says to stop being cool and jaded and start being sweet and kind! Full stop! No conditions, no qualifiers, no justifying those ideas as bits or as ironic, simply going and saying that being kind to each other and being open to kindness from other people is the only way you will find fulfillment!

Gallo’s red boots, that bowling spotlight scene, and strip club blue-white-red lighting bit will be burnt into my brain forever!

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