Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Maybe the best conversion narrative about the futility of performative and traditional masculinity, rejection of homicidal Oedipal impulses, and an embrace of interpersonal relationships that are no longer governed by the heretofore established gender roles, here exemplified by Gallo’s aggressive, phallic, firetruck-red boots and Ricci’s baby-blue eye shadow and dress; the red, white, and blue strip club scene posits white as the synthesis coming out of that dialectic.

The only reason why I don’t five star it is because I think the plot slogs a tad in the backstory exposition. Other than that, it’s a perfect film, hilarious in its comic moments and refreshingly hopeful in its ending thesis about the redemptive power of love and of letting go of one’s upbringing and gendered socialization.

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