Dragonball Evolution ½

This isn't a movie, it's a dark abyss of nasty not niceness. It brutally destroys my very core of how godawful this movie is. This movie is the golden standard of how not to make a movie adaptation of a eastern product. This movie makes us appreciate the Judge Dredd's and the Street Fighter's of the world. At least those movies had charm, at least those movies were entertaining.

This movie is none of the above, are we still calling this a movie? I rather call this piece of awful cinema a collection of badly made DBZ fan films shot in the backyard, but given a "script" and a budget. The casting is awful, the CGI is awful, the story is an insult to DBZ fans everywhere. What is this? This isn't fighting, it's just a bunch of fat fan boys imitating the matrix slow mo, it's just one big utter mess. The worst part is, IT'S BORING! How can you make Dragon Ball boring? The dudes kick the crap out of each other, they shoot laser beams of epic proportions out of their hands.

Avoid this movie like the plague. It is a cancer (yeah I'm going there) to moviegoers, and once you see it, and especially if you are a dragon ball fan, it will change you. It will decay your very being.