Magnum Force ★★★★

A great sequel to the influential "Dirty Harry". The script refrains from a lukewarm rehash and builds on the previous film in a logical way and retains, what made the first film so successful. Callahan is still the moody inspector of the San Francisco police force, armed with a .44 Magnum and equally deadly one-liners. The blackmailing killer Scorpio is replaced by a criminal conspiracy, which exercises justice at its own discretion.

«Magnum Force» is lighter in tone than the extremely grim style of the first movie, but still quite violent. Overall, the film is more action-packed and even allows a look behind the curtain at Callahan's private life. And let's just point out that nutty bit with the hijacked plane. Due to the high entertainment value, this could be the movie that is the most rewatchable of the series.

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