Thor ★★★½

I marvel (pun fully intended) at just how simple and straightforward these Phase 1 origin films are compared to where the Marvel Cinematic Universe finds itself now.

I don't think enough gets said about Kenneth Branagh directing this film. I will concede I have become attuned to watching Thor with my head tilted to the side on account of the bevy of Dutch angles that are in the film (I kid. I think they give it a really interesting aesthetic). His ease with and mastery of the works of Shakespeare and Shakespearian language meant that he already understood these characters to a point and so could set about making them a lot more accessible to Norse mythology beginners like myself, which he does brilliantly. Of all the directors that Marvel gets praise for hiring - Waititi, Coogler, Gunn etc. - it could be argued that without Branagh, the universe might have stopped dead at this very point.

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