Mulholland Drive ★★★★

Loved the dense symbolism contained in the film’s first few moments; the ambitious future of a movie star is rendered null and incomplete within view of Hollywood’s stretch down below.

Also how perfectly the two girls (perhaps just one but need a rewatch to determine) complete each other, in terms of being the before and after of stardom.

Lynch’s adherences to such narrative propellants as suitcases of money, men in every colored blazer, set design and lighting straight from Twin Peaks, et cetera was awesome to absorb and compare to his other films' aesthetics. His fixation on what lies beyond corners, that which hides in spaces we thought were familiar, emerges more resoundingly than even Eraserhead.

The man's engrossing sound design swallows any viewer into the belly of this cryptic beast, especially in the ambiguous ending which leaves more than a substantial amount of the film's narrative as 100% open to interpretation.

Will definitely rewatch soon.

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