Favorite films

  • Children of Men
  • Cure
  • Primer
  • After Hours

Recent activity

  • The Timekeepers of Eternity


  • Shivers


  • Blow Out


  • Suzume


Recent reviews

  • Inferno



    Remember when people used to light movies? Like actual colored light, on a real set?  God those gels look good.

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    On one hand: uniquely vivid, funny, and generally antagonistic depiction of the psycogeography of guilt, anxiety, and mommy issues.

    On the other hand: three-hour runtime is an unforgivable sin.

Popular reviews

  • Drive



    In between short bursts of ultraviolence, Ryan Gosling's vapid husk of a main character alternately broods, broods while driving a car, kisses whats-her-face, and broods while crossing his arms. It's an edgy Prada commercial without the closure of seeing a logo at the end.

  • Smile



    My poor cat, who was just trying to sleep on my lap, was traumatized when I jumped a foot and a half