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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    There was more eating and food related scenes in this movie than I expected.

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet


    Thinly vailed allegory - now an animated film.

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  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    Margo Robbie’s performance was easily the best part of the movie for me. A close second was the feeling of still not quite knowing how to feel that the movie left me with.

  • One More Time with Feeling

    One More Time with Feeling


    Take nearly anygiving frame from this film, and you've got a stunning photograph. Strung together there's some reminiscence of the Warhol's films for me, the camera goes out of focus plenty of times while peering the souls of those whom it films. Beautiful poetry from Nick Cave is woven throughout, and they seem to use the baisic track vocal more often than what's on the record, which is a decision I personally enjoy. One is able to see the initial…