Fat Girl

Fat Girl ★★★★

A depiction of the victims of male oppression and manipulation, which is seen through to its brutal and tragic, yet inevitable end-- an ending a lesser director would surely not even think of. Breillat creates such a hypnotic atmosphere through incredible long takes, and uninterrupted dialogue (there's a twenty five minute sex scene that begs you to turn it off, just on basis of the deplorable "lover's philosophy" the male antagonist is spewing), that what you're seeing on screen feels so lived-in, rendering it all the more potent. The closing sequence on the highway is a masterclass on how to build tension just on its own (even better than the driving scene in Solaris), yet the entire thing could be any filmmaker's basis for a coming of age story, a family drama, or a sexual tragedy, in which Fat Girl is all of the above.

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