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  • Souvenir



    I kind of understand why this middling melodrama took two years to drop on American shores. It's featherweight, unfunny, and the pop songs sound like some coffee shop open mic parody of a Eurovision hit. But Isabelle Huppert sings (?!) and chugs brown liquor and uses a younger man with an awful mustache. And there's even a POV camera racking in and out of focus to simulate her drunkenness backstage at a live televised singing competition. So, I guess this…

  • Magic in the Mirror

    Magic in the Mirror


    Ted Terrorvision Nicolaou conjures up some horrifying DTV fantasy about humanoid duck monstrosities sipping tea steeped in screaming people. Li'l tyke me would've gobbled up this budget otherworld crammed with moss draped plant people and sad actors buried in feather prostheses and a pancake makeup elegant queen and weird-ear elves straight out of some book fair discount rag or goofy late '90s Playstation® JRPG. The video format adds some grimy primal unsafe element to the goofier magic mirror land of…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Batman and Superman stop fighting because they both realize their moms are named Martha. That actually happens in this movie.

  • mother!



    If I see another handheld shaky cam pinned behind a nervous woman as she tromps through a confined space, I'm gonna SCREAM.

    mother! (ugh that pretentious unnecessary lowercase and punctuation) feels like a acidic treatise on the dickhead self-absorbed artistes some naive hero worshippers fall for. Too bad there's a bunch of silly nonsense Biblical imagery of false idols and firstborns and bickering sons to make this movie seem DEEP, man. Gimme a break, Aronofsky. The whole movie plays like…