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  • Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in PyongYang

    Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in PyongYang

    Kim Jong-un offers you a wheelbarrow full of cash and some (negative) media attention to host an East vs. West basketball tournament in North Korea’s capital. . .wyd?

    If you’re Dennis Rodman. You get blackout drunk every practice, wear a boa to court, and sob when you learn your best bud Kim once beheaded a man to gain power.

    Weirdly enough, this Rodman doc shows more of North Korea and Pyongyang than I’ve ever seen via American media outlets. Who…

  • True Romance

    True Romance


    I haven’t watched this movie since I was a pimple cratered teen with greasy hair parted in the middle and bought into this horrible movie-nerd beautiful dark twisted fantasy. A hooker with a heart of gold marries some nerd who wears rockabilly jackets and watches kung fu movies in the theater alone because he’s SO GOOD at narrating a Spider-Man comic to her for a half hour? All his one sided conversations mansplaining Sonny Chiba and Elvis and ‘90s cool…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Batman and Superman stop fighting because they both realize their moms are named Martha. That actually happens in this movie.

  • mother!



    If I see another handheld shaky cam pinned behind a nervous woman as she tromps through a confined space, I'm gonna SCREAM.

    mother! (ugh that pretentious unnecessary lowercase and punctuation) feels like a acidic treatise on the dickhead self-absorbed artistes some naive hero worshippers fall for. Too bad there's a bunch of silly nonsense Biblical imagery of false idols and firstborns and bickering sons to make this movie seem DEEP, man. Gimme a break, Aronofsky. The whole movie plays like…