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This review may contain spoilers.

In the Mood for Long Stares Cast Across Bustling Rooms

Knowing Haynes is a trained semiotician always leaves me perched on the edge of my seat to decipher his framing and choice of cuts and long takes. I have to admit, the first viewing of Carol left me a little cold. The whole picture felt like a glacially paced lipstick lesbian melodrama that wouldn't even push a Mad Men viewer's buttons. But that fascinating age gap between Terese and Carol! The way the fur festooned matron shies away from a shopgirl's vomit-inducing love pangs. The divide between "proper" social conduct via two generations caught in the shadow of All American post-war masculine know how. UGH! I wanted to rattle the institutional cage as much as Carol at her weepiest. Still, a little too pristine and restrained of a film to qualify as any sort of Hollywood game changer. I want risky Safe and Superstar Haynes back!

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