Hereditary ★★★★

Emotionally draining like being stuck at a family reunion with relatives that obviously have some inner demons buried deep down that make them never seem all too happy to be together and on the verge of exploding or breaking out in fisticuffs in the middle of the backyard BBQ. The atmospheric Steadicam dronescape horror version of when my shitfaced Uncle Steven punched my Uncle Jack and called him a "sonofabitch" at my Cousin Jenny's wedding.

Toni Collette BRINGS IT with a scarring performance full of tears and quivering voice and bulging terrified eyes and a manic desperation slipping into madness. SOMEONE HAND THAT LADY AN OSCAR®. The ending kind of disappointed me, and some of the spooky reveals are a bit too cliche for a movie that takes time to look and move so idiosyncratically. But all around a fairly singular and suffocating horror EXPERIENCE that I can't shake two days later!

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