Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★½

Once again Agnes Varda gets just about anyone and everyone from Venice to Compton to open up about their lives and art. I mean, if a petite joyeuse French lady walked up to you with a camera and asked you if you wanted to answer some questions for her movie, would you say NO? It's amazing what Varda gets her subjects to gab about, from born again Christian symbolism to gang violence to preserving heritage through murals. After peeping both Varda's fiction and non-fiction work, I have to say I prefer these almost video-essays. Her personality really shines through in both the striking shot composition and voice over and even that strange synth music with a dude whispering over it. The world really is an interesting and exciting place if ya just open yourself up to it and stop and look and listen!

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