Peacock King ★★★★½

Insane VFX driven Chinese/Japanese sci-fi actioner starring Yuen Biao as a "most romantic" superpowered monk named Peacock. He wears sunglasses to the club, shoots light from his hands, and scales a moving ferris wheel in a death-defying long shot / long take.

The movie houses a monster maker's fantasyland of fun late '80s practical effects, like a bunch of l'il stop motion gremlins hiding inside a cheeseburger or a goth "Hell Witch" transforming into a lizard-spider-flytrap creature or a museum dinosaur leaping to roaring life. Peacock King feels like Zu Warriors stoopider, slicker little brother in terms of the staggering effects budget and technical wizardry on display. The garbled subtitles and ham-fisted exposition drag the supernatural kung fu slime time party down a bit. And the gauzy VHS tape I peeped this movie on made all the dark cavernous hellhole scenes hard to make out at times. But these qualities are pretty common to the genre. What can ya do? Peacock King is still a haunted mall's worth of KUNG FUN.