Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

I love a good De Palma jam, but this isn't one of my favorites. Maybe it's all the 70's light rock crammed between all the coked out mirror shots. This movie is like an AM radio musical. I have a pretty low tolerance for tinkling pianos and ballads, but I do love the glammed out tour de force featuring Beef and that zombie-makeuped gang slashing audience members with guitar daggers. More Beef, less Paul Williams! "This place is POSSESSED!"

De Palma directs the hell out of this, as usual, but I feel he hasn't quite hit his stride. Phantom of the Paradise looks a little sloppy around the edges and feels so slow! A good hour drags along before we get to the meat and potatoes of this musical.

Still, second-tier De Palma is better than 93284293854 of movies out there. Loved that roaming camera and (of course) another solid, though unnecessary, split screen sequence.