Rock & Rule ★★★

"I liked Mok. He reminded me of myself in some ways. I identified with Mok. I thought he was the most literate character in the cartoon. It was very interesting writing for Mok because I never really had done anything like that before, write from another character's point of view that isn't necessarily mine -- and in this case wasn't mine, no question about it. But I got into Mok. . ." - Lou Reed as featured in Marvel Super Special #25

This Canadian animated sci-fi whatsit from Care Bears production house, Nelvana, goes hard with elaborate dystopian wastescape paintings and songs from Cheap Trick, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed. Sure, Rock & Rule contains a bunch of stoopid "adult animation" tropes like cursing and bouncing tiddies and drug references that seem sprung from the cracked mind of a horny edgelord teen. And the pace d-r-a-g-s even at barely over an hour. But the animation looks dense and expensive and early '80s grimy. And Lou definitely WENT FOR IT when writing the villain's main song.

"My name is Mok, thanks a lot." Lou continues, "I mean, that's so egotistical, right at the very beginning, that you know where he's at, what he's about."

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