The Bronte Sisters ★★

How can a movie where Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Adjani, and Marie-France Pisier play the Brontë sisters be so DULL? I love the desolate frozen heath location ripped straight from the pages of Wuthering Heights, and the actresses do the best with what limited material they're given. But why does this movie focus so much on the fuckup Brontë brother, Branwell? Who asked for a Branwell biopic? If Souers Brontë actually delivered on its title and focused more on how isolation, suffocating patriarchy, and repressed desire shaped the authors' lives and work it could've been a slam dunk! Also, dirt slathered Emily Brontë scraping through the moors in boy clothes and hiding scrap poems in her pockets. . . hello.

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