The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years ★★★★½

"Why didn't you pick better songs?" - Some Jabroni who kept throwing devil horns during the dopiest metal moments.

Where oh where did Penelope Spheeris stumble upon Chris Holmes? Time stood still during the swimming pool interview where he douses himself with vodka as his mom glares. Probably the most arresting segment I've seen in a movie this year. I can still see him splashing his mom when I close my eyes.

Spheeris asks some really great questions, like "What if you don't make it?" And, "Is dating girls for food and money prostitution?" They occasionally put the subjects in a bind or tee them up for self-incriminating answers. One of my favorites: Steven Tyler's rambling comparison between masturbation and drug use followed by Spheeris's confused, "Okay. . ." I also liked Ozzy spilling orange juice all over his kitchen counter and missing his cup while he lectures on the dangers of drug abuse. AND THEN THERE'S PAUL STANLEY LOUNGING IN BED WITH THREE FROZEN AND TERRIFIED LOOKING PLAYBOY PLAYMATES DURING HIS INTERVIEW. Dear lord. So much ego.

I'd rather stick my head in an oven than listen to hair metal. So the actual live performances, aside from some amazingly boneheaded flourishes like assless pants and lighting a Russian flag on fire, kind of grated on me. But that's more a matter of taste than anything.

I missed Decline Part I 'cause I'm a broke jerk and lacked the foresight to purchase a ticket in advance. But the Spheeris Q&A for Part II was super fun! Nice little nugget: her daughter once dated Nikki Sixx and would prank call Alice Cooper in the middle of the night with her friend.

Sweet dreams, litter box:

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