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  • Bride of Frankenstein

    Bride of Frankenstein


    Shout out to younger me who lived his life as a straight dude because he was too scared to be himself and was so backwards he watched a movie like this and couldn't pick up on how queer it is. Happy Pride, dummy, you'll get there.

  • The Domestics

    The Domestics


    "Do we still need post-apocalyptic fiction? It's been 10 years since Obama's presidency sparked a gold rush of violent conservative survivalist power fantasies fetishizing gun ownership and protection of property at all costs. Do our visions of an America divided into harsh violent conflict have more insight to offer us? Can the shocking violence still actually shock us? Are we still amused by themed gangs, incongruously campy villains, and seemingly idyllic pockets of civilization that invariably hide some dark secret? Does this stone still bleed?"

    Full Review from 2018 Cinepocalypse Film Festival on Voices and Visions

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  • Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

    Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

    "These guys were outrageous!"
    *Cut to cartoon boobs*
    "You couldn't believe the places they would go."
    *Cut to cartoon boobs*
    "I mean, you had never seen anything like it!"
    *Cut to cartoon boobs"

  • Repulsion



    The first hour or so makes up such a perfect anxiety nightmare that it bummed me out when it went a more typical (albeit eventful) route of "her madness is making her KILL!" The Polanski that made me squirm during mundane scenes in Rosemary's Baby purely through the power of his mise-en-scene is multiplied by five here, to the point where it got too much for me and I had to pause the movie to go do chores. Polanski's famous…