Promising Young Woman

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Emerald Fennell is a fearless director.

I sit here writing this review over and over because I cannot piece together my thoughts correctly. I feel so many conflicting emotions regarding Promising Young Woman, and that is what I think I love most about it. It wasn't the film I thought it'd be or wanted, but instead was the film I never saw coming. I fully understand the hate this film is getting regarding the ending, in fact while watching it unfold I hated it too, but after it was over I realized just how bold of a choice that ending was. I loved it and hated it all at the same time, but I loved that I felt so much while watching it. What I thought this film would be was the expected, but this film is far from the expected. Emerald Fennell fearlessly leads this film into the fresh and innovative territory that feels so exciting and new. I absolutely cannot wait to see what else she brings in the future.

Carey Mulligan is absolutely phenomenal as always.

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