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  • Interstellar



    This still has some amazing moments in the long middle section that I love, but wow are the opening and closing sections even more tedious and bad on second watch. And if they give a Razzie for sound mixing, this surely deserved it. I'm curious how Nolan's next film will be now that his faults and strengths have been so clearly explicated here.

    On a side note: How about a re-edit of this that starts when the rockets fire (what…

  • World of Warcraft: Looking For Group

    World of Warcraft: Looking For Group


    As bonus content on the Collector's Edition of a new Blizzard game this would be lacking. Like the worst type of self-produced documentaries, the focus is on Blizzard congratulating themselves and their customers. It's a 60 minute commercial preaching to the choir, but even then it only seems to target the most continued and devout members. I played WoW in spurts during the first 2-3 years of the decade this film looks back on, and have plenty of fond memories,…