Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

What in the world did I just watch? Nearly four hours long, Love Exposure shows us a story about the themes and exploration on love and other romantic material. It takes its time in how it tells about faith and connection. If you judge the movie by the poster, you will have good time because the film is so much better than the poster. Every performance is perfect, capturing a character written in their way to fit their side of their story. Some dreamy cinematography mixed in with nicely-made camera compositions, this might be a visually attractive experience for the viewer. The music is good. Not too much to mention about that, but it is still good. The story is small, but it put onto a grand scale, showing us in detail, what happened to the characters. I am very glad I heard about this movie recently, because it is such a unique film. It is very clearly an arthouse movie, which is a type that I love, but it definitely takes advantage of film boundaries, doing the right thing to entertain us.