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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    where do i start

    the sand in the opening scene and the credits
    the “guns. so primitive.”
    the let's-not-build-barriers speech
    women kicking ass (always appreciated, goosebumps every time)
    the slap in colonialism's face
    white characters taking up the spot black people usually have as plot devices
    slaves who rathered jumping into the ocean
    the typical superhero-movie scenes turned into pure thrill and passion
    the two hours that pass like one
    the perfect mix of trap and tribal music
    the reference…

  • Black Mirror: Be Right Back

    Black Mirror: Be Right Back


    okay so, firstly, how can you leave an actual being taking shape in the bathtub during the night and not shit yourself out of fear and secondly, why would you create a man. there's enough of them already

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  • Holy Camp!

    Holy Camp!


    A ver cómo nos organizamos para darle dos millones de Goyas a Belén Cuesta.

  • Thelma



    that's my girl, getting rid of men in every aspect of her life! keep up the good work