Chocolat ★★½

Oh dear. I'd seen this film before, but had mostly forgotten its... insipidness? But in the meantime, having watched The Hundred Foot Journey (2014) fairly recently, it was kind of bizarrely uncanny - they are basically the same film. The fairy tale vibes, the sudden entry of a well-travelled masterchef into a small town, the suspicion of the locals, the fire(!)....

Anyway, this time round we spent most of the time criticising the surprising selection of accents, trying to work out if the small town was also the one used for the church scenes in Catch Me If You Can (let me tell you now it is NOT - that was a town in Quebec, bizarrely enough), and just generally not buying much of it.

Hallstrom seems perfectly able to direct a half decent film - there's a bunch I've never seen, actually, so maybe I should do so, because on the strength of Chocolat and ...Journey, I feel I may have a very skewed vision of his output.