Contact ★★★★★

Wow. Why didn't I watch this until now, 2018, and I'm 33? As a huge fan of Apollo 13 from the moment I saw it in 1995, and even Independence Day shortly after, Contact would have slotted right into place with all the tech, the depiction of the vastness of space, the plucky scientists and cynical government officials - and, oh lord, the opening scenes with the radio. It's a cliche to say I wished I'd seen this when I was younger, but this fits that cliche so strongly for me.

Anyway, possibly in part thanks to Sagan, the science all feels 'right', and yet it still manages to paint a picture that stretches the imagination and realms of possibility in a very believable way. Rather like Jurassic Park in that sense. The film also felt sumptuously long - unrushed - and fleshed out some of the characters very well.

I think for the past twenty years I'd assumed this was more along the lines of The Dish - but I have to say it now feels more at home alongside Apollo 13 or even 2001.