I Love You Phillip Morris ★★★½

Golly this is an odd movie. I watched it a few years ago and when I saw that it had come up to watch on Mubi, I knew I wanted to see it again... and also that I had some sneaking feeling where I knew it was a really strange film.

And it is. But it's far from unenjoyable. The story is unbelievable - a far-fetched, less credible, more homo-erotic Catch Me If You Can. That said, it's only less credible because ILYPM spends less time on the details than CMIYC does. But surely if Carrey's character really did get away with some of the crimes we are told he did - and in the 1990s! - he was presumably very skilled.

It's not so hard to believe that some falsified documents and a gushing geyser of charm could get you far in the 1960s of CMIYC (particularly when portrayed by Leo DiCaprio), but surely by the 1990s of ILYPM, opportunities for such con-artistry were drying up?

Either way, this is a hilarious, surprising, and surprisingly affecting film. The characters never quite seem less (or more?) than caricatures - particularly Carrey's, scrawled in big, crayon letters - and yet one's heart bleeds for McGregor's Phillip Morris.

It's good to know Carrey can do serious - and creepy, and calculated - but this weird chimera of sinister yet whack-a-doodle works surprisingly well for this singular film.