Roman Holiday ★★★★★

Oof. What more can be said about the elegant beauty of Audrey Hepburn? She's one of the most archetypal manic pixie dream girls for sure, but with 60+ years separating me from this movie, there's a lot else that's equally fantastical and unreal about this film for it to all be okay. It's a fairy tale, a dream, and an escape from reality to a place that surely doesn't exist today, and probably never did anyway.

I love Irving's little cigarette lighter camera. I love the idea of international press agencies following a Princess's every move many years before it became a modern tragedy. I love basically everything everyone wears in this film. I even love the horribly cliched Italian characters as they fit so well with this uncanny vision of Rome. I love running around town with a hot princess. There's even some doses of slapstick amongst the more nuanced romance and drama of it all.

I read somewhere that this might have been shot in Technicolor, and I'm not sure my heart could handle such beauty, so perhaps it's best it was left in black and white.

What a perfect little film.

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