The Lost World: Jurassic Park ★★½

Ooh, now then. This film was eagerly anticipated by an 11-year-old me, who had seen the first film at the cinema on more than one occasion, and who had read the novel on which this film was loosely based.

The introduction of new animals was welcome, and the fundamental story - one of a different island and its facilities and all that - played nicely into the lore of the Jurassic Park universe. But the casting and dialogue all feels a bit thin, and the stars feel like they can't possibly have been the first choice. Julianne Moore is a possible exception, but even Jeff Goldblum is practically laughing his way to the bank the way he phones his part in, after such an ironically iconic performance in the first film.

I don't know, man. Something about this film just doesn't work.

The RV/mobile laboratories were cool though.