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  • Objectification
  • A Requiem for Sacred Ground
  • Sacrificial Lambs
  • Disappear Into a Darkened Forest

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  • A Requiem for Sacred Ground

  • KAOS

  • Savages


  • Spy Hard

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  • A Requiem for Sacred Ground

    A Requiem for Sacred Ground

    You can watch the film here:

    For most of my life I lived on a farm named Hamar, but by the end of the year my father is going to retire and one of my uncles will take over the farm.
    Which means that my childhood home Hamar will from now on probably be an even smaller part of my life than it already is.
    I moved to the big city (Reykjavík) in 2017 and since then I have…

  • KAOS


    I have released a Revised version of KAOS
    You can watch KAOS: Revised here: vimeo.com/641207119

    The original version of KAOS never really felt like a finished film to me.
    The film was born as a way to deal with my growing depression and grief, as a form of cinematic therapy.
    From the start of filming to the end of editing took a little over three years and during that time my mental health was slowly getting worse with each passing…

Popular reviews

  • The Northman

    The Northman

    The World: (Goes to absolute shit).
    Universal: Can I offer you a nice Eggers in this trying time?

  • Onward


    The Evolution of Pixar:
    Toy Story: What if toys were alive?
    A Bug's Life: What if bugs had Society?
    Finding Nemo: What if fish had feelings?
    The Incredibles: What if the Fantastic Four read Ayn Rand?
    Cars: What if cars were alive?
    Wall-E: What if robots had feelings?
    The Good Dinosaur: What if dinosaurs had Society?
    Inside Out: What if feelings had feelings?
    Onward: What if Bright was actually good?