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  • Mad Dog Time

    Mad Dog Time

    “The only other thing, Vic’s personality? No longer integrated. So I wanted to tell you that tomorrow Vic & his personalities are all getting out.”
    A Rat Pack movie from an alternate reality, or from the mind of an incarcerated mob boss with paranoid schizophrenia. I’m in the minority in loving it, though it loses a lot when Gabriel Byrne’s character leaves.

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    It’s 90% structure, 10% heart, which is exactly right for this story. I found myself laughing with happiness at its audacity. “Enter Benoit Blanc!”

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  • The Hard Way

    The Hard Way


    I've had some odd experiences in my life, that's for sure. One of the oddest was this: many years ago, as one of my first professional directing experiences, I ended up at a wrap party for some undistinguished TV show sitting next to the other director, who I hadn't met up to that point - an older man with a British accent who'd been living in Australia for years, Richard Ryan by name.

    We got talking about movies, discovered a…

  • Série noire

    Série noire


    Patrick Dewaere's untimely death is hard to ignore when you're watching this film, about a skinny, hypertense, delusional man who seems to be operating in a world of his own right from the extraordinary opening scene where he acts out an entire Hollywood movie all alone in a desolate outer-Paris car park.

    There's never been a better adaptation of Jim Thompson's novels, because nobody has ever been able to embody the dual nature of Thompson's protagonists - on the one…