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  • Love


    I genuinely can't think of a worse film I've seen, and I've seen plenty of bad films.

  • Bad Day for the Cut

    Bad Day for the Cut


    Bad Day For The Cut - low-budget rural Irish revenge thriller, on Netflix. I had heard great buzz about this at an Irish festival last year, but I heard great buzz about other films that turned out to be, umm, not so great. I was pleasantly surprised to find this is really very good indeed.

    There's a nice authenticity to the portrayal of the life of Donal, a middle-aged Irish farmer who's devoted to his elderly mother, without it ever…

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  • Série noire

    Série noire


    Patrick Dewaere's untimely death is hard to ignore when you're watching this film, about a skinny, hypertense, delusional man who seems to be operating in a world of his own right from the extraordinary opening scene where he acts out an entire Hollywood movie all alone in a desolate outer-Paris car park.

    There's never been a better adaptation of Jim Thompson's novels, because nobody has ever been able to embody the dual nature of Thompson's protagonists - on the one…

  • World of Tomorrow

    World of Tomorrow


    A dizzyingly sad, funny, overwhelmingly beautiful short film that manages to contain almost every fear imaginable about what the future of humanity might bring inside a brief fifteen minute running time. I've only watched this once but will be watching it repeatedly, not just to delve into its mysteries but to enjoy the journey. What you'll only get one time, though, is the jaw-dropping horror of the final moments. I shouted at the screen when *the thing* happened. Then the…