Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

So with Justice League coming out soon, I thought that it would be interesting to review the so far "rather hit and miss" DCEU starting with this piece of shit.

Unlike the MCU who have always proven to be successful with its movies before and after Disney, the DCEU has in fact been the exact opposite. Apart from WonderWoman which was a summer blockbuster and a huge success for the DCEU, its fans and critics, the DCEU hasn't been particularly groundbreaking and as I've already said, successful with its movies so far. Man of Steel and Batman V Superman both recieved mixed receptions and Suicide Squad recieved little to no good receptions.

Honestly there are several reasons for this. The biggest one is Warner Bros. Unlike Disney with the MCU, Warner Bros just love to continue manipulating DC films, its directors, its characters, its writing choices and its effects behind the scenes for some reason and Suicide Squad really is no different this in this case.

I wasn't surprised to learn how much Warner Bros fucked this movie over behind the scenes. Given the ridiculous amount of unnecessary reshoots and rewrites, the horrendoys editing choices, the mediocre acting, the terrible writjng, the dumb cliched characters with questionable choices and motives, the insanely idiotic plot and the annoying pandering to DC fanboys and Harley Quinn fangirls who just want to dress up as Margot Robbie for Halloween, I wasn't really surprised to learn what could've been a great DC movie turn out to be a tonal disaster and a huge misfire. Warner Bros even edited the style and tone of the trailers for this movie after seeing how the first trailer was successful and actually good by adding in random pop songs into each subsequent trailer which like in the movie don't fit in with anything at all. What makes me really angry about SS is how poor David Ayer who has made way better films in the past such as the amazing Training Day never got the chance to make the film that he wanted to make and was being constantly screwed over by the asshole Warner Bros execs by the many stupid and pointless rewrites and reshoots. Part of me actually feels sorry for Ayer as this must have been a horrendous experience to go through. I am not kidding when I say that the final script for this film took only weeks before the film's release in cinemas by the way!!!!!! *sigh*

So yeah. That is my review of Suicide Squad. It definetly is as terrible as everyone says it is and honestly I don't think that the critics were harsh enough on it.

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