Before Sunrise ★★★½

Two foreigners (a French girl and an American) meet on a train to Paris. In order to flee from a quarrel between a couple from Austria they could not overhear they accompany each other to the dining car. Over a glass of wine they start philosophizing about life and future. While he is somehow arrogant and a little too laid-back she’s the dreamer and more humble one. When they get to know each other more and more he convinces her to leave the train with him to spend the day in Vienna. What follows is a night both will never forget. Together they walk through Vienna, visit stores, cafés and restaurant and stumble over this and that. On their way they learn more about themselves and each other. And of course, they fall in love…

I sometimes had the impression that he made her feel uncomfortable from time to time. At the beginning I couldn’t feel with him, his boldness and his clumsy attempts to touch her hair. But as the chemistry between the actors grew (they probably had to improvise a lot) the chemistry between the roles the portrayed grew. In the end they are confronted with the coldness of the next morning and assure each other that they meet in Vienna again.
Although I would consider this a chick flick (not meant to be judgmental) I really enjoyed it. It’s just two young adults getting to know each other, falling in love, philosophizing about life and spending a wonderful day in a city they don’t really know - a simple but beautiful movie.