Batman Begins

Batman Begins ★★★★

I  started watching Batman the TV show in the 1960’s (you know, Bam, Boom, Wow etc. etc. ) I was hooked with Batman back then as a kid. In the 80’s I anxiously awaited and then saw the Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson Batman movie and liked it. It was a great performance by Nicholson of course. After that there were many more versions, but then came Batman Begins. This movie made sense to me, it was a great story. The darker mood and the score especially were really enjoyable. I also enjoyed the changing relationships forged throughout the movie that kept me in suspense. This movie was a pleasant surprise that I really enjoyed. More to come on the trilogy. But I must say even though the Dark Knight was the most critically acclaimed. Batman Begins is my favorite!!

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