Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★

I had the great opportunity to watch this with my son! The Movie is centered around a 15 year old in 1973, so it was pretty relatable as I was 14 in 1973.  The soundtrack, the art on the walls, the vehicles and the settings were so real for me. Now the Movie, this was a really fun, funny movie and it shows that a great script and director does not need big name Actors. To me, the two main characters played by complete newcomers were believable and quite honestly great! I especially loved how neurotic she was in the film. Very entertaining. I also appreciated how ADHD they were regarding love at their age. Moving to the next shinier person rapidly throughout the Movie. Ultimately is was another excellent movie experience that my son initiated with me. Enjoy it, if you get a chance!

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