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  • Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert

    Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert


    Maybe this film is just a mess (and i wouldn't further care if i wasn't also a parent and from Vienna), because there are too many characters and it is constantly hopping around, so it always stays on the surface too much to be really good. It also seems that Kreutzer tried to be serious and funny at the same time, but neither the one nor the other really work out well (i was reminded very often of the better…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    i think i've seen it for the third time now - first time was at the age of around 12, at night at my parents home, old 4:3 tv, volume near zero to not wake the family, advertisement-intermissions, a totally fucked up setting for this, but..of course it didn't matter and it was 'blowing my mind' and 'widening my horizon' back then as no other (or maybe just a handful of movies did...)

    Second time, twenty(!) years later (have i…

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  • La Sapienza

    La Sapienza


    nice...felt like one of those late de Oliveiras...would have been better without the spiritualistic elements/ending though..

  • Room



    hmmm..i'm so torn about this...
    i'm sure that in many other hands a movie about this issue could have been much worse (most of all: less gentle and sensitive), on the other hand i had (too often) the feeling that it could also have been much better (maybe also a little bit darker..)..

    But i'm not even sure about some things (for example, it seemed kind of too awkward how they escaped VS the fact that people somehow do escape…