Midsommar ★★★★

this is so close to being absolutely perfect. midsommar is a horrifying tale told in the most poetic and beautiful way imaginable. to me, at its core, the film is a musing on belonging, family, and religion, and the ways all three of these are dual edge swords which can often tear us apart from the inside.

it's also distinctly and easily separated into two halves. my few problems lie in the first half. some are calling this a black comedy and i really disagree, mostly because 95% of the comedy comes from one character, whose quips border on excessive without ever really crossing the line (he is pretty funny admittedly). also some of the "it was my thesis first!" also feels kind of out of place, or at least a bit of a tonal shift compared to the horrors that were beginning to unfold outside. i saw in an interview with ari that some of the "human" stuff in this movie wasn't originally in the script, i suspect he's referring to the "thesis" plotline, because its underwritten and doesnt really go anywhere.

but there's a distinct moment somewhere 2/3rds into the runtime where a switch is flipped and everything is turned on its head. the final act of this film is precisely everything i wanted out of it and i could not be more satisfied. its a drug fueled, jodorowsky-esque masterstroke that left me completely floored. it really just needs to be experienced.

also just a random aside, i dont think this is a horror movie. i guess by default it kind of is, but calling it "horror" really doesnt do this justice. hereditary was a great horror movie. this is totally just...something else.

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