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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Initial thoughts: Still processing this one... I think I need to watch it again. As to what can be said right now: Well, I watched it. I was surprised. Then I stared blankly at the end credits. It's an unusual "Star Wars" movie, but a strong one as well. Don't read anything else about it. Just go see it. Then we can talk. I'll be rating this properly on re-watch. P.S. I'm still kind of stunned by some of the…

  • Kings



    An unfortunate letdown. It pains me to say this because this had the potential to be very good. "Kings" is a story centered around the LA riots which occurred in the early 90's. It's told through the perspective of a family who find themselves in the middle of the intense event. There was set-up for great drama, but the end result is an uneven mess with little to no pay-off. This movie had the most abrupt and out of nowhere…

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  • Dunkirk



    Nolan delivers! I have never been that familiar with the whole WWII Dunkirk situation, which is something my brother (the war expert) wasn't very happy about. But, it's fair to say that I now understand what went down. You know how you usually get a lot of set ups or exposition before the action starts in war films? Well, here they throw that away and we open right in the middle of the entire evacuation crisis. The good thing is…

  • Brad's Status

    Brad's Status


    Oh, man. It's been a while since I saw a movie getting complicated feelings and relations so right. Some of the things that are brought up here are extremely true and honest. To tell you the truth, it moved me quite a bit. The simplicity of it is almost genius. We follow Brad as he helps his son find a college. He questions what he will leave behind and what his connection with his old friends has truly become over…